Mukuyuni Drilling.jpg

Clean, fresh water for Mukuyuni Community

Central Kenya

The second well we drilled in November was for a community called Mukuyuni. We started working with this community in 2015 and asked them to come together as a community to help fund part of the drilling phase. Fortunately, the community was able to mobilize a fundraiser and raised $4,000 dollars to help pay for the community’s portion of the new well. Because the community was so vested financially in the project it was easy for us to raise the additional funds needed to start drilling. This well was a complete success and now produces 3,300 liters of water an hour. There were many challenges in this project as the rains returned in late November when the drilling equipment arrived at this site. Moving the drilling equipment in knee-deep mud to the location for drilling went well into the night. Fortunately, good water will be available for this community for many years! We are in the process of installing a pump at this well.