Drilling and Constructing New Water Wells


Groundwater is generally a readily available source of clean, safe drinking water throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Drilling new water wells and developing existing groundwater resources is the most universally reliable method of meeting the clean water needs of rural communities in developing countries.


This new water well produces 3,434 gallons of water an hour!



In sub-Saharan Africa groundwater resources are extensive and untapped. Groundwater resouces are considered to be best option for rural community water supplies due to the generally unpolluted mature of the source. No filter on earth can equal the purifying, natural cleansing effect of Mother Earth.

The benefits of new water wells are staggering, impacting children, women, health, education and economic development. By drilling and constructing new water wells, clean, safe life-sustaining water can be provided at a reasonable cost in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Once these new water wells are constructed they can provide water for 10-20 years and longer.

A new water well can provide clean, safe water for hundreds of people every day

Dollar for dollar no other method in the water sector can provide the same impact and benefits of a new water well in developing countries.


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